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Pole tents are secured and supported by driving stakes into the ground. They are not suitable for concrete or asphalt surfaces and are best used for grass areas. There will be at least 1 center pole inside a pole tent. Some clients like to use the poles as a feature, decorating them with vines, plants, fabric, or flowers. For others, the poles are an inconvenience, obstructing table layouts and views.

Please Use Our Pole Tent Rental Size Availability and Seating Capacity Chart to Assist You With Your Party Rental Needs:

15' x 15' 32 $125
20' x 20' 48 $180
20' x 30' 64 $210
20' x 40' 80-96 $240
30' x 30' 100 $390
30' x 45 112-120 $450
40' x 40' 160 $525
40' x 60' 240 $600
40' x 80' 320 $750
40' x 100' 400 $1,000
40' x 120' 480 $1,250

Please make sure to add at least 4 feet per tent side to allow for the installation of ropes and stakes (e.g., .if ordering a 20 x 20 tent, you need at least a 28 x 28 flat and clear area).

Below is a general rule of thumb when trying to gauge square footage needs:

Seating Allowances*
Cathedral Seating (chairs in rows) 6 sq. ft/person
Banquet Seating (rectangular tables) 8 sq. ft/person
Sit-down Seating (round tables) 12 sq. ft/person

Cocktail Parties
Standing 6 sq. ft/person
Some Seated 8 sq. ft/person

Additional Allowances*
Buffet Area (per 8ft table) 100 sq. ft.
Bar Area 100 sq. ft.
Dance Area 3 sq. ft. /person
Band (3-4 pieces) 100 sq. ft.
Disc Jockey 100 sq. ft.

Please Note: All numbers are based using 8ft rectangular banquet tables. Round tables accommodate fewer guests. All tent rentals include standard installation on grass. Please inform Total Party Planning of the planned surface in advance. A free site inspection on tent orders is available if you are unsure of the size or surface you may need. If the tent is to go over a surface other than grass, we must be notified prior to your party date so a site inspection can be done. We try our best to accommodate where you would like your tent set-up, but unfortunately, it may not always be possible. Weather and the stability of the tent must be factored before setting the tent up, which makes open grass surfaces the best option.

*Allowances are approximate.


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