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Table Linens available in many colors. All of our linen comes to you clean and pressed and the only items which could incur additional charges would be wax, burns, holes, or unusual stains.

Rectangle Tablecloth, 60" x 120" - $9

This is a standard size banquet tablecloth which will work on a 6' x 30" banquet table or an 8" x 30" rectangle table and comes in a wide range of colors.

Rectangle Tablecloth, 90" x 156" - $20

This is a floor length banquet tablecloth for an 8' x 30" banquet table.

Round Tablecloth, 90" - $9

This is a standard size round linen which can be used on any of our round tables and comes in a wide range of colors. A 90" round tablecloth will hang as follows on various size round tables:

Table Size Linen Overhang

  • 30" @ 30" Tall Floor Length
  • 30" @ 42" Tall 30" (12″ from floor)
  • 4' round 21" (9" from floor)
  • 5' round 15" (15" from floor)
  • 6' round 9" (21" from floor)

Round Tablecloth, 120" - $13

This tablecloth will go to the floor on a 60" round table.

Table Skirting

Table skirting attaches to the edge of a table to hang to the floor and give a finished look. Clips are included with the rental.

Table Skirting Sizes:

  • 14' x 30" - $12
  • 21' x 30" - $20

Linen Napkins - $6.50 per dozen

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